Lady Sings the Viol




Inspired by the great recordings of female jazz and cabaret singers, Marais Project director Jennifer Eriksson asked five singers she had worked with to record songs which highlighted the natural qualities of each vocalist, one, two and three viola da gambas and viol consort. The music chosen span from the 1300s (Bryd one brere) to the late 20th century (Kats-Chernin and Led Zeppelin bassist, John Paul Jones). The track list includes songs made famous by Edith Piaf, Ave Maria by Franz Schubert, the much loved “Cavatina” accompanied by viol consort, and instrumental music by Marin Marais. The CD closes with an upbeat arrangement of “Chattanooga Choo Choo” for two viola da gambas, theorbo and vocal trio!

Megan Cronin – voice

Narelle Evans – voice

Mara Kiek – voice & frame drum

Belinda Montgomery – voice

Nicole Thomson – voice


Jennifer Eriksson – viola da gamba

Imogen Granwal – viola da gamba

Shaun Ng – tenor viol

Catherine Upex – viola da gamba & treble viol

Daniel Yeadon – viola da gamba

Fiona Ziegler – baroque violin


Tommie Andersson – theorbo, original 1820s Lacôte classical guitar & renaissance guitar

Jess Ciampa – percussion

Alex Cronin – double harp

Llew Kiek – gittern


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