The Art of Monody

This event blends ancient and modern and includes the world premiere of a new work by Australian composer, Gordon Kerry, titled ‘Christchurch Monody.’

Also on the program is a suite by Marin Marais, arias by the Italian master, Monteverdi, two songs by Isaac Nathan, the early 19th century father of Australian music – called ‘The Aboriginal Mother’ and ‘The Aboriginal Father’ and Tommie Andersson’s arrangement for gallichon (bass lute) of pieces from Handel’s ‘The Musical Clock’. Jenny Eriksson will give the world premiere of a work for solo viola da gamba by Paul Cutlan and the program ends with Llew and Mara Kiek’s version of the Australian folk song, ‘The Streets of Forbes’.

Artists: Susie Bishop, voice & violin; Tommie Andersson, theorbo, gallichon and 19th century guitar; Jenny Eriksson & Cathy Upex, viola da gamba

Date and Time – 3.00pm Sunday May 16, Mosman Art Gallery

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‘Two’, presented in partnership with Melbourne Digital Concert Hall and with the support of Create NSW, brings together the nationally renowned talents of Jennifer Eriksson, viola da gamba, and Tommie Andersson, lutes and baroque guitar, in a seldom heard way. Each plays a bracket of solos before embarking on a joint performance of a splendid suite by Marin Marais. They are joined by guest artist, Susie Bishop, voice, for an encore. Tickets give access to the concert for 3 days after the premiere on March 25.

The concert also features the world premiere of ‘Sarabande’ by Paul Cutlan.

The concert video is beautifully directed by film-maker, actor and writer, James Fraser. Sound by Chris Doherty.

Date and Time – 8.30pm, March 25. Tickets can be used to view the concert for up to 72 hours after the premiere.

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