A Singular Path – Elysian Fields

As Australia’s only electric viola da gamba ensemble, Elysian Fields is on a “singular path” to creating a new sound world and new repertoire for the modern version of one of the western world’s most ancient instruments. In 2019 the Sydney Morning Herald music critic wrote of Elysian Fields “this time-bending, mind-bending project makes music that sounds modern and hundreds of years old simultaneously”. Our “Prelude in Tea” performance at The Independent continues that tradition with the world premiere of “I dreamed I moved among the Elysian Fields” by highly regarded composer, Gordon Kerry, the first classical composer to write for the group. Also featured are new commissions by group members Matt Keegan and Matt McMahon.

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Baroque Songs and Interludes – The Marais Project

Take a fascinating musical tour across Europe as the Marais Project presents songs and interludes from England, France, Italy, Germany and Sweden and the world premiere of “Christchurch Monody” by leading Australian composer, Gordon Kerry. “A cultured beauty of tone and a confidence that placed her among the viola da gambist worth going a long way to hear.” (Sydney Morning Herald)

Susie Bishop, soprano/violin; Jenny Eriksson and Cathy Upex, viola da gamba; Tommie Andersson lutes and guitars

Dates and times

  • 3.00pm Saturday, May 16 2020,  The Independent Theatre, North Sydney
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TWO  – The Marais Project

“TWO” celebrates the long-standing musical friendship of leading early musicians, lutenist Tommie Andersson and viola da gambist, Jenny Eriksson. In this truly special event, each will play a solo bracket before joining together as a dynamic duo. For more years than they care to remember The Marais Project’s Jenny Eriksson and Tommie Andersson have thrilled Australian audiences with their mastery of their respective instruments. They have collaborated on 7 CDs including an Australian first recording of Swedish baroque and folk music. The concert will also feature the world premiere of a solo work for viola da gamba by Paul Cutlan.


  • 3.00pm Saturday September 26, 2020, The Independent Theatre, North Sydney
  • 2.30pm Sunday September 27, 2020,  The Rose Room Burradoo
  • Tickets: details to be confirmed