Music and life

As I indicated recently, I am committed to writing something every couple of weeks during the current shut down. It helps us keep connected to you and also helps me gather my thoughts as to what we’ve been doing when we can’t do what we do best – perform!

The past two weeks

Over the past weeks we have mixed Elysian Fields’ new CD, “Fika”. If you’ve not been an electric viola da gamba fan, I think this will convert you. The CD is simply beautiful, consisting of music from, and inspired by, Scandinavia. Some of the tracks break my heart.

Myself, Siebe Pogson and Susie Bishop

Recently I also appeared  on “In Conversation” with Christopher Waterhouse, a presenter at radio station Fine Music Sydney. I was kindly asked to bring along some music to play, which I did. I had a very enriching conversation with Christopher – who is a thoughtful interviewer. You may remember that The Marais Project is Ensemble-in-Residence at Fine Music Sydney and Elysian Fields is Associate Ensemble-in-Residence, along with States of Chaos, a very fine improvised music group. Fine Music Sydney are themselves doing a great job in keeping music and musicians out before the public eye when we unable to perform. I would also point out the organisation is run by volunteers!

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Playlists of the Week

If you make your own playlists, please consider including Australian music – not because I am jingoistic but because its good! If you don’t make your own playlists, here are a couple of mine to try out:

Artists to enrich your life

In this section, I will include some musical recommendations to listen to.

Marin Marais

Last week I drew attention to new CDs by Shaun Ng and Ibrahim Aziz. This week I’d like to recommend a CD by recorder player, Alicia Crossley. Although not early music, Alicia’s CD “Muse” is great listening featuring as it does Acacia Quartet and a bunch for great Aussie composers.

A US-based early music group I’ve come to know over the past 12 months is Les Délices. They are a crack ensemble and very creative in their programming. They also feature a viola da gambist, Steuart Pincombe.

I do hope that you, your family and loved ones are doing OK in these strange and difficult times.

With much love

Jenny Eriksson, Director The Marais Project, Da Vinci’s Apprentice and Elysian Fields, April 8, 2020