Dear friends and colleagues,

Photo by Glen Ravo

Another fortnight has passed, it’s hard to keep track when in the midst of ISO! I hope that you are doing OK. I still feel greatly for all my colleagues in the performing arts who are not working or earning at the moment and for the many others who have lost their jobs or lost hours, let alone been ill or lost loved ones. A few thoughts follow.

The past two weeks
I have now developed something of an ISO routine. As some people will know, I am a runner so each day starts with a run, normally around 8kms or so but longer on the weekends. I then do some practice. In the afternoons I catch up on emails, work on projects and often visit my father who is now in care. Like many people, we are also now catching up with friends and having ZOOM drinks and even ZOOM meals together…

One positive activity at the moment involves developing an on-line version of our Musica Viva in Schools show, Da Vinci’s Apprentice. I have been performing for Musica Viva in Schools for more than 25 years and given approximately 3,000 performance around the country. We have NEVER before been shut down – this really is a first. Thanks to Musica Viva for taking a typically creative approach to continuing to ensure our schools get access to great music. Here is a short video about the making of Da Vinci’s Apprentice (DVA). DVA is an original music theatre work for children commissioned by Musica Viva for our ensemble

I have also continued with the post production work on Elysian Fields’ Fika CD. Rather than talk about the music, I would like to say something about the artwork that features in the CD booklet. A few years ago I was amazed to hear about a Swedish artist by the name of Nils Gunnar Zander

Pink Lake – Nils Gunnar Zander

who spends half of each year in Sweden and half in Australia. I went along to an exhibition of his work in Stockholm and was dumbstruck by his paintings – a Swede inspired by the Australian outback! By chance, Nils Gunnar was at the gallery that day so I introduced myself and we’ve become friends. I’ve since performed at his studio in Sweden and we correspond regularly. He has kindly allowed us to feature his paintings which I find very powerful and moving. Some examples are included below.

Spotify playlist of the Week
As I mentioned, I regularly make playlists and enjoy mixing and matching music on this new platform. I only have one Playlist to recommend this week. Its called Sweet Viol Suites. That’s right, terrible name isn’t it? I’ve selected several suites of viol music from a range of artists including the viol consort, Fretwork, and gambists Paulo Pandolfo and Hille Perl. Have a listen and let me know what you think.
Artists to enrich your life
Last newsletter I drew attention to recorder player Alicia Crossley Muse CD and the fine US-based early music group, Les Délices.  Today I would like to give a shout out to my colleagues, baroque trio Latitude 37. Check out their latest CD, X here,  We really enjoy this recording in our household.

I also wanted to remind us all of the great legacy of Australian early keyboard artist, Geoffrey Lancaster. Its hard to summarise Geoffrey’s career in a few sentences but it is one filled with achievement. Along with recording the complete Haydn piano sonatas, Geoffrey also had a long and productive association with Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. Check out his Haydn here 
Much love,

Jenny Eriksson
Artistic Director The Marais Project, Da Vinci’s Apprentice and Elysian Fields
April 20, 2020