• Johan Helmich Roman (1694-1758) – Sonata I (Stockholm 1727)

– Largo Allegro Larghetto Andante Vivace

  • Carl Michael Bellman (1740-1795) Stockholm 1790 and 1791. Arranged by Tommie Andersson

– Fredmans Epistel No. 2 – Till Fader Berg, rörande fiolen

– Fredmans Epistel No. 12 – Elegi öfver slagsmålet på Gröna Lund

– Fredmans Sång No. 32 – Afton-Qväde

– Fredmans Sång No. 65 – I anledning af Konungens resa till Ryssland

  • Marin Marais (1656-1728)- Pièces en Trio (Suite No. 2 in G minor, Paris 1692)

– Prelude – Sarabande – Rondeau – Gavotte – Menuet – Plainte – Petit Passacaille

  • Swedish Folk Music Suite.  Arranged by Tommie Andersson

– Låt till Far (Tune for my Father) – Pers Erik Olsson (1912-1983)

– Födelsedagsvisa (Birthday Song)  – Traditional

– Gråtlåten (The Crying Tune) – after Röjås Jonas  (1921-1989)

– Gullklimpen (The Golden Nugget)  – Timas Hans Hansson (1846-1916)

Welcome – Tommie Andersson and Jenny Eriksson

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Jenny Eriksson

Why a program of Swedish music?  We have been performing together in The Marais Project and many other ensembles for more than 20 years now and alongside our shared musical loves, we also share a Swedish heritage.  Tommie was born and educated in Sweden while Jenny’s Swedish grandfather arrived in Melbourne in the 1920s.  He never returned to his homeland.  In late 2011 we decided to “bite the bullet” and schedule a Swedish concert as part of The Marais Project’s regular concert series.  Neither of us can remember similar repertoire being presented in Sydney over the past 25 years.  It has been wonderful and at times quite emotional getting to know the works of Roman and Bellman and some of Sweden’s beautiful folk songs through the unique lens of period instruments.

We would like to thank our colleagues Melissa and Fiona for sharing the musical journey.  Pascal deserves special acknowledgement for tackling Swedish pronunciation as do our immediate families for supporting us through this obsession!  Finally, we would both like to dedicate this concert to our families both here and in Sweden.  As the Swedes say: “tack” (thank you). We hope to see on on Sunday 11 November!

Tommie Andersson

Tommie Andersson