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Celebrating 15 Years: 2000-2014

In 2014 The Marais Project turns 15 years old making us Australia’s longest continuous viola da gamba recital series!

Each year since 2000 as well as presenting a highly regarded annual concert series we have appeared at numerous other venues from major recital halls to country churches, schools, Festivals and recording studios across Australia.  During this time we’ve performed more than 80% of Marin Marais’ works for solo, two and three viola da gambas and other great works for the viol family, commissioned numerous works by Australian composers and arranged new music for the ensemble.  The details of our 2014 recital series is below and we perform many other times during the year.  Check our Facebook site for details. We would love to see you in 2014!

Jenny Eriksson, Founder and Artistic Director

2014 Recital Series – “Re-Imaginings”

We are taking advantage of our birthday to “re-imagine” the viola da gamba in the 21st century and to launch the electric viola da gamba in Sydney!

Concert 1: Rameau – on the 250th anniversary of Rameau’s death we present a rare window into the world of one of the greatest French composers of all time.  Highly esteemed by his contemporaries including JS Bach and Marais, Rameau’s music deserves to be more widely heard.  Music includes Pièces de clavecin en concerts for harpsichord, violin and viola da gamba, two cantatas and a new piece for viola da gamba by Alice Chance.

Concert 2: “Collusion – This special musical “collusion” between Jennifer Eriksson and upcoming musical talents, soprano Susie Bishop and pianist and piano accordionist Emily-Rose Šárkova, features a fabulous new arrangement of Marais by Emily-Rose for viol and piano accordion, music by Rodrigo, Cliff Kerr, Handel and Monteverdi with dramatic dialogue from actor Eliska Sarka.

Concert 3:  “Re-Imaginings– In 2013 Jenny took delivery of her Ruby electric gamba.  This concert will see its formal launch and give listeners the opportunity to hear the electric gamba alongside the acoustic original.  Collaborators include jazz musicians and composers, Matt McMahon, Paul Cutlan and Siebe Pogson.  Music by Marais, new works by Paul Cutlan (for acoustic viola da gamba and harpsichord), Matt McMahon (electric gamba and keyboards) and Siebe Pogson (electric gamba and bass guitar) along with some surprising arrangements!

Concert tickets and copies of our CDs are available from this site using Paypal.  You will also find reviews, articles, interesting links and past programs.

Jenny Eriksson, Founder and Director


(Download 2014 brochure) Newsletter Volume 13 (i) April 2014

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