CD 2 – Love Reconciled


Viol Dreaming
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CD 2 – Love Reconciled

The supposed death of the viola da gamba has been lamented for at least 300 years.  Way back in 1706 Martin Heinrich Furhmann complained that the time of the viol was over.  Yet in 21st century Australia there are increasing numbers of skilled professional and amateur exponents of the instrument mirroring the renaissance of the viol the world over.  In putting together this CD, two principles have informed our choice of music.  Firstly, all of the repertoire was originally composed for chamber ensemble based around the viola da gamba, the member of the viol family that is approximately the same size as the cello.  In addition, each of the works is written by the great Marin Marais and French colleagues from his era, with the exception of Stephen Yates’ delightful ballet from which the CD takes its name.  Our Project was founded with the aim of performing the complete works of Marais so it is fitting that his compositions for solo and duo viols take pride of place!

Track List

1 Jacques Morel (born ca. 1700-1740) – Chaconne en trio
2-8 Marin Marais (1656-1728) – Suite in G Minor for two viola da gamba and continuo,
Pièces de viole, 5è livre – Paris 1725
9 Pierre Bouteiller (ca. 1655-ca.1717) – Tantum ergo
10-14 Marin Marais – Suite in D Minor for viola da gamba and continuo, Pièces de viole, 1er livre – Paris 1686)
15           Marin Marais – Tombeau de Mr. Meliton, Pièces de viole, 1er livre – Paris 1686
16 Pierre Bouteiller – O salutaris hostia
17 Stephen Yates (born 1957) – Love Reconciled or The Rewards of Evil – A Ballet Vivant in One Act (World Première recording)

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