Jenny Eriksson

To our June 17 program, A Bass Affair we are back in our heartland, the French baroque. And what could be more French than the bass viol, bass violin, lutes and voice performing the works of Philidor, Ballad, Marais, Charpentier and Montéclair, amongst others? As with all Marais Project concerts we always try to offer something special. In this case, this concert represents the first time in 19 years that The Marais Project has performed with bass violin. It is also the first time Tommie has played the gallichon with us so listen out for his solo. It is wonderful to welcome my friend Tim Blomfield and to welcome back Josie Ryan and Tommie Andersson.

In closing, I’d like to take the opportunity to note that in 2019 the Marais Project turns 20 years old. We played our first concert in 2000 in the shadow of the Sydney Olympic Games. I founded the group with the aim of performing the complete works of Marin Marais and we are still at it! Today we premiere a new Marais suite we have not played before. We hope that you enjoy the show.

Jennifer Eriksson, Founder and Director, The Marais Project


  • André Danican Philidor The Elder (1647 – 1730) Pièces a deux basse de viole, basse de violon et basson  Suite in E flat major – Marche du Roy de la Chine; Entrée d’une pagode; Chaconne; Gigue
  • Christopher Ballard (1703) J’avois crû qu’en vous aimant (I had thought, that in loving you) from Brunetes ou petits airs tendres 
  • Marin Marais (1656 – 1728) Pièces de violes 3e livre, Suite in B flat major – Prelude; Allemande; Courante; Double; Sarabande; Gavotte; Menuet; Boureé Paysane; Double
  • Marc-Antoine Charpentier (1643 – 1704) Sans Frayeur (without fear)
  • Giuseppe Antonio Brescianello (c.1690 – 1757) Sonata No: V for Gallichon. – Aria; Allegro; Menuet &Trio; Gigue
  • Joseph Bodin de Boismortier (1689 – 1755) Sonates à deux Violes , Sonate No:V in A minor – Doucement; Gavotte; Lentement; Gigue
  • Michel Pignolet de Montéclair (1667 – 1737) Cantates Premier Livre “Le Triomphe de la Constance” (The Triumph of the Contancy) – Récitatif : Ce fit sous ces ormeaux; Air: Pour me vanger de l’infidelle; Récitatif: Mais non, d’un vain dépit; Air: Trop charmante flame; Récitatif: C’est ainsi que des feux; Air: Ne cédons point à l’Inconstance


When:             3.00pm June 17, 2018

Where:            Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Macquarie St, Sydney

Cost:                $38 $22 and $15


Contact:          Philip Pogson 0412 459 156;

Josie Ryan, soprano